<VV> Gillette Silver Bear tires

mhicks130 at cox.net mhicks130 at cox.net
Wed Jul 5 11:19:32 EDT 2006

I was going to get a set of Cooper Trendsetter II tires for my '65 but the local dealer says he doesn't have any and neither does the warehouse so I'm SOL.  He has Gillette Silver Bear tires in 185/80-13 but I've never heard of them.  Anyone here have any experience with these things?  I looked them up on the internets and they look OK and they have a 420AB rating but that doesn't speak to how they drive.  I have heard good things about the Coopers.  Anything would be better than what I have I think - 3 Lee and 1 Cooper, all 175-80-13.  Thanks in advance!


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