<VV> Diff problems

Jim Corey jcorey at escapees.com
Sun Jul 9 14:38:34 EDT 2006

I replaced the differential assembly in my 64 coupe to correct damage done
to pinion splines when driver’s side real axle pulled out.  End of u-joint
carrier was chewed up.  I got a substitute diff assembly with a bad ring
gear.  Replaced the ring gear, and installed assembly in my case, to avoid
total dissembly of my diff.  Reassembled Diff, and installed in drive train
(automatic.)  Installed drive train in car, and installed axles.  Right axle
(short carrier) went in fine.  Driver’s side (the side that was damaged)
axle won’t go in all the way.  The u-joint carrier seems to bottom out into
the pinion splines about ½ inch out. That is, u-joint carrier won’t go in
far enough to allow axle bearing plate to be bolted in place. 


I’d appreciate input before I pull the drive train, and disassemble the
differential again.


Jim Corey

63 Vert

64 Coupe

Both daily drivers


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