<VV> Higher Octane Fuel

John Kepler jekepler at amplex.net
Sun Jul 9 20:20:29 EDT 2006

  Don't expect to drive into airport and tell them to fill it up, they
as its against the law, as it has no road tax on it. 

Oh....it gets even better!  Av-Gas is taxed higher than motor fuel....it
just goes to a different part of the DOT!  You CAN request a rebate of the
aviation fuel tax when it is used in a different application, and then as an
altruistic taxpayer, pay the appropriate road tax when you file your
1040....one of those deals where "The right hand giveth and the left hand
taketh away!".  Normally, it's a bigger PITA than it's worth (except when
you are buying 500 gal. of old High-lead "Green" 130/160 octane to run a 24
hour race.....then its "real money"....helps when one of your drivers has a
"day job" as a CPA too!)!


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