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> I cannot loosen the head,it will not come out.

I can tell you the way I've done it, (but I'm sure others have their own 

I use a RUBBER mallet (like the ones used to install our hubcaps) to rap the 
top of the head (the carb side) and the bottom of the head (on the flat 
part--not on anything that can be bent) to "rock" the head loose on the cylinders.  
Once it is rocked loose I use my hands to continue to rock it as I pull it 

By the way, there are several kinds of stud pullers on the market that will 
pull your carb studs--I ice mine with a zip lock back of ice cubes before I 
loosen them--dry ice works even better if you have a supplier close by.

P.S.  The next time you have to remove the cylinder stud bolts (on the heads) 
try the following.
       1.   Wire brush all the rust off off the stud that protrudes through 
the bolt.    
       2.   Brush naval jelly on the rusty bolt and the end of the stud--let 
sit for 12 hours to a day.
       3.   Clean the naval jelly off--the surface rust should be gone (don't 
worry that the parts seem smaller--that's what the rust ate.
       4.   Use a penetrant like Liquid Wrench of PB Blaster and allow to 
soak and then use a six point socket to remove the bolt WITHOUT pulling the stud 
out of the block.  (You may want to use vise grips on the end of the stud 
nearest the crankcase).

Bob Hall
Group Corvair

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