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sarahvair at juno.com sarahvair at juno.com
Mon Jul 10 07:26:06 EDT 2006

Hey everyone, 
Here is an email I received over the weekend:  
Dear Ms. Beltrami, I am the Auctioneer for Bristol Auction Inc in Bristol Pa.  We have been cast in a TV Show that airs on HGTV.  The name of the show is "Cash in the Attic"  The premise of the show is that a family sells of unwanted items of value from their home at auction to fund a home improvement project.   This coming Tuesday 7/11/06 the show will be filming a new episode live at our building.  One of the items that will be featured on the show is a 1963 Corvair Monza Convertible.  The car is maroon with a red interior and has an automatic transmission. It appears to be original and unmolested.  The car was driven into a barn for storage in Hopewell NJ some ten years ago.  It has 72k on the odometer.  The owner tells me that his father owned the car and that it ran great when he put it away.  The father is now deceased.  We are having the car towed to our mechanic in Bristol on Monday morning.  We are going to see if we can get it to run.  It will be sold on 7/11/06.  From what I can see the car needs a new top.  It has some light surface rust and looks pretty dirty.  The father removed the battery and put cedar chips in bags in the passenger compartment.  The interior looks fine. The car was resting on plywood and two by fours.  I am contacting you to see if there may be some interest on your part in this car. Or perhaps you could forward my message to your membership.  I will be photographing the car and would be happy to forward you some pictures.  Please contact me for any additional information. Warm Regards,Ray Snyder, AuctioneerBristol Auction Inc.215-882-3505www.BristolAuction.com 

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