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It still  has 2 of the  original tires 
on it, they say 1965 corvair  claymobile.  I think that it as  given to 
cassius clay in 1965  by GM.  

Travis, Ned and gang,
I'm no expert, but Cassius Clay, Jr., changed his name to Muhammad  Ali right 
after the Sonny Liston fight, Feb 25, 1964... and knowing his  attitude at 
the time he would have not accepted ANY gift that retained his  "slave name" of 
Cassius Clay... he was a very prideful man back then.... 
That's just my take on it... Ali was involved with the Black Muslims in mid  
1963, but withheld the info until after he beat Liston, just so he could gain  
some respect, and so it wouldn't look like a publicity stunt.
I hope this helps...
Lonzo... somewhat of a historian of all things Louisville - where I was  born 

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