<VV> FC hill performance

Bill Wells brierpath at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 13 10:46:55 EDT 2006

  A fellow club member and myself are travelling together to the convention this year in our FCs. My ride is a Greenbrier with late 95hp engine and 4 speed trans with 3.27 gears. His is a Greenbrier with 95hp engine and powerglide with 3.55s.
  I am concerned about the ability of his machine to negotiate the grades ecountered while travelling through Tennessee. Do any of you have any experience with his combination of vehicle and drivetrain? I have never had any issues with my van on this route. We live in north Texas and have no real grades to test his van on. His van cruises smoothly, but takes plenty of time to get there and I need to know if we need to re-route along a less hilly path to the convention.
  Thanks for your input,
  Bill Wells

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