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Thu Jul 13 10:47:47 EDT 2006

T0II4RX would be January 14th, not November 4th (which would be TII04RX)... 
and my P&A 30C from 1972 has this for the RX code:
1965 - Powerglide & High Performance
        - Powerglide & High  Performance, R-10, F. C.
1966 - Special High Performance, Powerglide and A.I.R.
Of course the Tech Guide lists this for the RX code... on page 3 of the  
"Code Numbers" section (about the 6th division from the front)... some guy named  
Bob Helt (Who the Hell is Bob Helt?... anyone remember THAT question? <g>)  
lists the following for the RX code:
RX = 110 hp, AT .............. R-10 FC       1965
RX = 140 hp, AT, AIR....... 500, Monza   1966
with AIR meaning the Air Injector Reactor, a.k.a. Smog Pump.
So, the block could very well be the correct one for a 66 Californy  Monza... 
but knowing this guy's lack of willingness to cooperate, who  knows...
Hope this helps.

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