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Wayne Broadhead afvair at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 19:32:16 EDT 2006

Hello Corvair friends,

My wife and I are flying into Buffalo one week early and want to do
some sightseeing in upstate, NY. I could sure use some help from
anyone living near Buffalo, Rochester or Corning, NY.  We are flying
into Buffalo, then driving the next day to Rochester to see the Kodak
Eastman Home.  From there I would like to see some countryside, so we
are driving east to about the Seneca lake area then south to Corning
New York.

My question is how is Highway 14 down the side of Seneca Lake to
Corning.  Is it good road, or should I stick with the freeway from
Rochester to Corning? (being from out of state, I don't know what to
expect).  We then want to see the "Museum of Glass" in Corning.

Question #2 and last question:  Now to get to Buffalo from Corning,
that "Alleghany State Park" drive looks nice.  How is highway 86 from
corning, then 219 straight north to Buffalo?  The 219 road looks a
little scary on "yahoo maps", it looks like it is dirt instead of
paved. I would like to get to Buffalo and see all those Corvairs,
instead of broke down on a dirt road in the hills of New York.   Any
help on this would sure help.

Corvair content:  Took my 66 monza in to get it inspected today.
Caused quite a stir, when all the mechanics at Big-O-Tire, quit
working and walked to the doors to see another employee going over my
vair outside.

Thanks for all your help,

Wayne and MaryLou Broadhead
Bonneville Corvair Club
Kaysville, Utah

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