<VV> Re: Convention Sightseeing - stuff a bit East (was Buffalo Sightseeing Locations...)

Jim Burkhard burkhard at rochester.rr.com
Sat Jul 15 21:21:03 EDT 2006

Wayne -

I can't answer the question about getting from Buffalo to Corning, but 
I can comment on a couple of other things ...

The George Eastman House in Rochester that you are discussing is well 
worth it if you are at all into history, photography, old mansions, 
nice gardens, or learning about eccentric millionaires who advocated 
13 month calendars.  The house tour itself is great (the guides know 
lots of facts about the brilliant but a bit wacky Mr. Eastman) and 
there is also attached a gallery which always has a couple of exhibits 

Here's the link for the Eastman House:
www.eastmanhouse.org   --  There is a menu bar at the top that will 
show you current exhibitions.  There is also a permanent exhibition 
room filled with cameras through the ages.  Very cool.

Rt. 14 past Seneca Lake should be a fine road, but it will be slower 
than going via I-390.  I-390 has nothing to see though, whereas the 
routes down any of the Finger Lakes have more to see and stop at.

Actually, if you would consider a different Finger lake, I would 
*highly* recommend the Glenn Curtiss Museum 
right near Keuka Lake in the village of Hammondsport.  For those who 
don't know, Curtis was a brilliant aviation pioneer 
(rival/contemporary to the Wrights) who was responsible for a lot of 
innovation in the early years, especially with flying boats & 
seaplanes.  He was also very into motorcycles, so there is quite a bit 
there on his work in that area.  Hammondsport is on the southern tip 
of Keuka Lake (1 lake West of Seneca), which is right near 390, down 
by Corning.  Thus, you could take 390 south to Corning and then stop 
at the Curtis Museum (or vice versa).  hammondsport itself is a nice 
little village as well, and there are some decent wineries in the area.

If would recommend Dr. Konstantin Frank winery midway up the west side 
of Keuka Lake.
Dr. Frank was the guy who introduced V. vinifera grapes (European 
grapes) to the region and has been among the most successful getting 
them to grow well here.  The whites (esp. the Riesling, which is world 
class) are excellent and most of the reds are pretty decent.
You can spend as much time driving around Keuka Lake as you like, or 
if you get pressed for time, just pop onto I-390.

Finally, if you are down in the Corning area and like vintage 
aircraft, you should check out the "Wings of Eagles" museum, which is 
apaprently the new name for the "National Warplane Mueum". 
Check out the aircraft they have (big hangers and nice indoor exhibits 
of other stuff too) under "Collections" at the top of the home page. 
It's in the lovely-named town of Horseheads, probably less than 10 mi 
east of Corning on Rt 17 (big highway).

It's further east of the other places, but if anybody is a garden-geek 
or needs to placate a wife who is, I would really recommend Sonnenberg 
Gardens in Canandaigua, a Victorian mansion with a wide variety of 
attached gardens.

Hope that helps people looking for stuff to do!

Jim Burkhard
Rochester, NY

Wayne Broadhead wrote:
> Hello Corvair friends,
> My wife and I are flying into Buffalo one week early and want to do
> some sightseeing in upstate, NY. I could sure use some help from
> anyone living near Buffalo, Rochester or Corning, NY.  We are flying
> into Buffalo, then driving the next day to Rochester to see the Kodak
> Eastman Home.  From there I would like to see some countryside, so we
> are driving east to about the Seneca lake area then south to Corning
> New York.
> My question is how is Highway 14 down the side of Seneca Lake to
> Corning.  Is it good road, or should I stick with the freeway from
> Rochester to Corning? (being from out of state, I don't know what to
> expect).  We then want to see the "Museum of Glass" in Corning.

> Question #2 and last question:  Now to get to Buffalo from Corning,
> that "Alleghany State Park" drive looks nice.  How is highway 86 from
> corning, then 219 straight north to Buffalo?  The 219 road looks a
> little scary on "yahoo maps", it looks like it is dirt instead of
> paved. I would like to get to Buffalo and see all those Corvairs,
> instead of broke down on a dirt road in the hills of New York.   Any
> help on this would sure help.
> Corvair content:  Took my 66 monza in to get it inspected today.
> Caused quite a stir, when all the mechanics at Big-O-Tire, quit
> working and walked to the doors to see another employee going over my
> vair outside.
> Thanks for all your help,
> Wayne and MaryLou Broadhead
> Bonneville Corvair Club
> Kaysville, Utah
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