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Craig Eagleson cleagl at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 18 08:35:27 EDT 2006

To All,

A couple of people have written me to say that the Zazzle site is difficult if not
impossible to find the T-shirt.
I realized (after I signed up) that Zazzle's search engine is pretty useless.  I have
posted it in three areas to try to get it a little easier to find.
Anyway, here is the URL for those interested. (watch out for text wrap on the URL)

Have fun......


(sorry about the long URL)
you can still try:
  Travel, Hobbies,Gaming
    Trading, Collecting
      "Over the Falls.."

Hope to see many of you on Tuesday.  Happy 'vairing to Buffalo.
cleagl at yahoo.com
1963 Spyder 'vert
unofficially STILL in Group Red

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