<VV> Ultra clutch setup

Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Thu Jul 20 21:32:07 EDT 2006

Hi folks,

Thanks for the suggestions, it got me to thinking.  In Finch's book he 
discusses balancing, and shows plans for a little flywheel spin 
balancer.  That's pretty cool, but I want this to go in over the 
weekend, and I was only looking to optimize how the two parts fit 
together, not actually re-balance it.  A little searching in the 
basement turned up an extra fan bearing, which I centered as best I 
could and bolted to the flywheel:


Then clamped that in the vise:


I then tried the clutch bolted on it in various orientations until it 
turned with no heavy side.  Maybe not the perfect solution, but I 
figure it's probably better than randomly bolting it on and the worst I 
could have done was the 1 in 6 worst case orientation.  Now, if an 
enterprising machinist wanted to whip up a centering ring to fit over 
the bearing shaft and inside the flywheel center hole, you'd have a 
proper balancing jig.  Wonder what that would cost?

As many suggested, I will rough up the surfaces after cleaning, and 
open up the split ring.


On Jul 20, 2006, at 6:12 PM, Bryan Blackwell wrote:

>  - The recent article in the Communique mentions factory alignment 
> marks.  Should I look for these, or does it not matter since the parts 
> weren't a set from the factory?  Any thoughts on matching the two for 
> best balance?

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