<VV> Help! No e-mail! (non-Corvair)

Jeff Clark markii56 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 22 20:29:13 EDT 2006

I have 2 Yahoo! e-mail accounts, this one and another
I use for the convention
(corsa2006treasurer at yahoo.com).  This afternoon, the
other one went down, and now I can't log into it. 
That e-mail containd hundreds of contacts throughout
CORSA, and probably thousands of convention-related

Anyone else suddenly having problems accessing their
Yahoo! e-mail accounts?  As you can see, this one is
working fine.  I did not exceed my limit (I was at 10%
total usage the last time I signed off), and I've
tried several different desktops and laptops, all with
the same failed results.  I sent a query to Yahoo!
this afternoon, but have heard nothing.

Headed off to the convention tomorrow; if this isn't
fixed soon, I'm in big trouble.  Any HELPFUL ideas?

Jeff Clark

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