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mhicks130 at cox.net mhicks130 at cox.net
Sun Jul 30 23:40:25 EDT 2006

I think the hosts tried very hard to accommodate people, I know they did for me anyway.  They actually thanked me for being so patient and good about my registration snafu.  I then said (tongue in cheek) "you mean to say some of these Corvair people are grouchy??".  They responded with nodding heads and groans.  

Listen, Smitty is our designated "grumpy old man" and the rest of yuz (that's how they say it Buffalo) need to shape up and turn that frown upside down!!!  Dagnabbit.

And no divisiveness here on VV or we'll set the Garthinator on ya!!!


The members of the Four Clubs should be commended for the job they did, I 
know it was a LOT of work, and a lot of these people took a lot of abuse 
which was very undeserved. No one is an expert at these things, and I would 
guess once someone is involved with one of these events, they are not too 
readily willing to do another. I know if I personally would have been in 
charge.....there were a few people, that were very rude when things were not 
going their way, well I would have tossed their behinds out and sent them 
home..........I have run some fairly large car shows in the area before, 300 
car events, and I have had to toss people out, never gave it a second 
thought. Criticism is one thing, it can be accepted for what it is. Rudeness 
should not be tolerated. 
Gary Swiatowy 

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