<VV> Back From Buffalo

Bill Chellis chelvis at camano.net
Sun Jul 30 23:50:20 EDT 2006

Landed in Seattle early yesterday morning after 4 days at the Buffalo convention. While there I had a great time. After all, I got to attend a waterfront car show, tour the plant where all our engines were made and meet some of the folks who worked on the Corvair engine line. As I am someone keenly interested in the history of the Corvair, I doubt there will be many more opportunities for that to occur in the remaining years of my lifetime. 

In addition, this convention was the site for the first Stock Corvair event. While I didn't have my car, I did take part as an evaluator and add to the long process of expanding my knowledge of the Corvair. Thanks to all who took part.  

As for the hotel, I spent so little time in my room I don't recall it's size. But the meeting rooms and the vendor areas were spacious and more upscale than I expected.

But it was the hospitality of the host members I met that really made my trip special. I would like to especially thank Dave Doran for picking me up at the airport. Joe and Ann Grifasi for transporting me to the engine plant. Dave Ellis for helping out with some "paper work" issues. And Jeff Clark for graciously keeping this out of towner from getting lost.

My only gripe: I didn't win the neon sign.

Bill Chellis


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