<VV> Convention AutoCross report

tim mahler flat6vair at insightbb.com
Mon Jul 31 10:12:21 EDT 2006


It was that much fun......especially since Michael Leveque allowed me to 
drive his Yenko, ys-045.  That is one fast car.    Unfortunately,  I could 
not keep myself from eating a cone on each run.   The course took you around 
the quarter mile inner oval twice -- mostly as an oval,  than around the 
outer half mile oval -- where a slight slaloom was added ---  i don't drive 
slalooms well,  and hit a cone on the end consistently.

It was a quick, fast 2nd gear course. Some tried and used 3rd.  I watch the 
street stock and improved stock as well as CC and SM.  everyone was having 
fun on that course.

Michael lost to Mark Wright by  0.033 seconds --  inches around a cone. 
Warren and Fred Bybee were close too both driving Warren's Red stinger. 
Warren won FTD with a 65 something with Fred close behind.  Dave Clemons was 
very fast in CC with a 66.8 (i think).   IS and SS were close to 20 seconds 
or more slower!  HP and smooth driving ruled the day.  Most of the SS and IS 
cars wiggled too much in the slaloom <i wiggled too little> .  I noted 3 or 
4 that drove straight where straight worked, expect those drivers to be our 
next competitors in SM and CC.

Again, thanks to Michael for letting me drive his car -- the car should have 
finished 3rd except for the driver who kept hitting cones -- so I settled 
for a fourth behind "joe"  (sorry Joe,  only name in my notes).  Back to the 
old #3 car,  to see how it feels against that Leveque speedster.   I'm going 
to have to show up somewhere where we can drive each others cars a few 
times,  they sure handled differently, especially the brakes.

tim mahler
#3 Goodwrence
62, 68 Fitch Sprints

ps:  I had a very good time at the convention.  The hotel staff was friendly 
to me, the room was clean, and functional <although I know of lots of A/Cs 
that were dysfunctional> and the "trailer Prison" didn't cause me any 
grief -- but I didn't need to access my trailer either.  Will work on that 
issue.  Did wish there were more resturants within walking distance.
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