<VV> RE: Thermistor testing

C. Cloutier cgc at kc.mv.com
Sat Dec 1 11:22:28 EST 2007

The Corvair thermistor has a 5000 ohm 'base' resistance - meaning that 
at room temperature, the resistance is 5000 ohms.  With all Thermistors, 
resistance drops as the temperature rises.  So for instance, at a 400 
degrees, the resistance drops to 300 ohms.   I've tested several by 
getting some High Heat wire from the local hardware store, wiring up the 
thermistor with the wires hanging out of the oven, and putting the 
thermistor in the oven and measuring the resistance going down as the 
temp goes up.

Unfortunately, there is no current "screw in" replacement for this item, 
although a few people (including me) have toyed with the idea.

Hope that helps,

replying to:

How do you test a used thermister and what is the BEST way to remove one form a head. This should stir things up.
Thanks to all that replied to the question about the threads on a thermister.


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