<VV> Protecto Plates needed

Rick Loving ral1963 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 1 13:01:56 EST 2007

Here is your plate info reading left to right, line by line, top to
E = Black interior
CC = Ermine white exterior
105676W183369 = 1966 Monza convertible built at Willow Run 83,369th
Corvair built
B = Bay city carb source
T0516RD = Tonawanda built 110 manual built May 16th
AA0506B = 3:27 non posi diff build May 6th 2nd shift
J = May 66 body build date
R0517 = 4 speed trans built May 17th 
3 = RPO U63 push button AM radio
How does all this match up?  Normally the body color for a vert would be
a letter and number for body color than top color, like C1 for Ermine
White with white top or C2 for Ermine white with black top etc.
Rick Loving
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 Here is the protecto plate for my '66 Monza convertble. If you can't
make out what it says, it is something like this:
E   CC                  105676W183369  B
T0516RD               AA0506B            J
R0517                        3                   bowtie
Good luck with your project.
Marc Sheridan
Waverly OH

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