<VV> Protecto Plates needed

Rick Loving ral1963 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 1 13:09:48 EST 2007

Mike, Here is you protecto plate info reading right to left, line by
line, top to bottom..

S = White / Black interior
PP = Evening Orchid exterior
5 = RPO U69 AM/FM radio
1 = RPO Z01 C & C group
1-9-65 = Start of warrantee date 
107375W165243 = 1965 Corsa 2d coupe built at Willow Run 65,243rd Corvair
that year
T1223RL =65-66 180 HP manual built Dec 23 1964
C = Carter carb source
R0827 = 4 speed trans built Aug 27th 1964
AB1218B = 3:55 non posi diff built Dec 18th 2nd shift
L = November body build date (should be K ?)

Wow, talk about some weirdness.Your VIN matches a Corvair built in Dec
of 1964 but you protecto plate build date is stamped with an L, which I
have as Nov 1964 (K should be Dec 1964) I wonder if it was stamped
incorrectly?  The last Corvair VIN for a car made in November would be
less than *****5W143935 and your VIN is much higher.

Also your engine and diff are stamped with a Dec build date, but your
trans shows an Aug build date.   3 and a half months is a long time for
a trans to be sitting around the plant unless it may have had some

Do you have a picture of your Trim tag from the engine bay?  I would
like to compare the build date from it to your protecto plate build

Rick Loving

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rick-this is what the 65 corsa plate looks like. think i'm the 3rd owner
and i/ve had it 20+ years. story was that it was bought to get the turbo
engine for a dune buggy. it probably was bought in idaho to evade the
utah sales tax. numbers i get are:
s  pp     5    1
 1965      fred medau
           1285 so 5 west
           bountiful utah
t1223rl    c   ro827
ab1218b    l
thanks for your offer and happy thanksgiving-mike mann

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