<VV> Diff Still Blowing Lube Out Vent

Dan & Synde dsjkling at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 1 15:23:19 EST 2007

Hi Mike,

My guess is that you have a couple of leaks in the gasket or stub axle
seals.  Is the vent on yours toward the driver's front of the cover or
passenger rear?  Driver's front is the newer design and was changed due to
seepage out of the vent at higher speeds.  Even with the old design with the
vent toward the passenger rear, you should only get a little seepage and not
like what you are experiencing.  

Rereading your post, you've had the top cover off so unlikely it is the
gasket.  Is it possible that at one time, the carrier bearings were replaced
via the method described in the GM shop manual?  They recommend drilling
holes behind the bearing cups and using a drift to tap them out and then
plugging the holes with lead.  Could it be coming from there?  

Another possibility is a cracked differential case.  Lets hope it is not

Dan Kling

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more to come! 

Mike said:

>Symptoms: After an extended run at highway speeds (70-80 mph), upon
>and looking under vehicle the next day a puddle of diff lube can be  found 
>under the vehicle. The puddle size varies, but most recently it  was about 
>10-inches in diameter. Reaching up and feeling the top cover of the  diff,
>lube is found on top of the cover. As lube level lessens, amount  of blow
>decreases. After a period of vehicle use, gauging level of diff  lube, by 
>sticking digit into fill hole, becomes impossible: add more diff  lube and

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