<VV> Hoaxsters at CORSA classifieds

cfm cfmann at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 1 16:30:25 EST 2007

I tried sending email to all CORSA board members using the secure system at the CORSA website but it was inoperative. I felt this was an important topic/issue to present. This was the only other place I could think to let some or all CORSA board members know what is going on.

To whom it may concern:

Today, Saturday, Dec 1, 2007, about 2:50 CST, I received an unidentified email which caused some suspicion on my part. I had posted a classified ad using CORSA's website. This particular email was of poor grammer and language and clearly was a HOAX! The contents of that specific email are as follows:

"Hello , 
My client just place a look on your item and i he is interested in immediate purchase of this item,but before he can proceed on this transaction, she asked me to ask you some question as follow .1.Do you accept a ( Cashier Check / Money Order )as a mode of payment.2.What is the final asking prize you can go at last.3.Will you let his shipping company to come to your house for the picking up of the item because he don't want you to worry yourself about the shipping of the item.4.You are to send your NAME,ADDRESS,TEL # to mail out the payment today.5.Will you be able to help him send the shipping fees to the shipping company which is going to added with money for the item and send it via western union money transfer or money gram same day you receive check for the arrangement of the home pick up from your house down to my client."
The senders email is "Bill James [bjames115 at gmail.com]"

Now if you ask me, the preceding quote, doesn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense, does it?

Now unless this a legitimate email address in the CORSA member database, so be it and I'll shut up and there is no need to read on.

However, the recent change/addition made to the CORSA classifieds which allows ANY average public internet user to click on a link inside your classified and sent you an email directly is pretty reckless. I know the intent is to make it more simple for some but this approach is dangerous for the same users. Might I suggest that if CORSA provides the classified service and one does post here that CORSA protects it members. For example, As a classified seller, I am deliberately aiming at other CORSA members for an appeal to purchase. So the least that CORSA could do is have us login first then reply to ads. Its a better security measure overall.

As a CORSA member, internet security is a growing concern, and I would suggest that whoever is in charge of the CORSA classifieds, immediately remove that automatic link to safeguard other members computer integrity. Also fix the secure email feature where you have to enter the validation code before sending or distributing email through corvair.com

Thank you and keep up the great work!

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