<VV> Protecto Plates needed

Russ Moorhouse corvair65 at verizon.net
Sat Dec 1 16:43:40 EST 2007

Rick, here is my Protecto Plate info.  I also have it stamped on a couple of 
documents where the original owner has taken it to the garage and also when 
he bought it on May 27 1965.  Other than a repaint in the 80's this '65 
Corsa Coupe 140 hp coupe is still original.  The interior is still 
untouched, not that it couldn't use it.
I added some notes for what I know came on the car.

In the trim - paint box:
C    JJ
It has a Saddle interior and the exterior is Cypress Green

Vehicle Serial box has:
          6         1
It came with a factory AM/FM radio with rear speaker and it has the 
day/night mirror, chrome seatbelts, etc., but not remote mirror.

Engine/Axle box is:
T0510RB      B
AB0511B      V

Trans number box:
R0430      (bow tie logo)

Hope this helps.

Russ Moorhouse
'65 Corsa coupe 140 HP
Kent Island, MD

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