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OK, here's a summary.  To address one of the questions, no, the car did not really stumble on right hand turn, just reved.  However it knocked a lot when starting from a standstill with anything other than very light throttle and when it did, whoa a lot of white smoke (I immediately back off throttle).  

Anyway, I put in 2 QUARTS of ATF and the level comes up.  Now the car does go into reverse.  So I took her out on the road, a litlle less knock.  Checked the timing and reset it to 4 (it was as 8) and now less knocking.  But then I thought gee, maybe the PG isn't going into low gear off the line.  And so I manually shift into low and off the line no knocking!  

Seems to be working it's way out but I will drop the pan and clean the screen.
Then I'll check the modulator. 
My other problem right now is two really stuck lug nuts.  ARRGH.

- Steve

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       I agree with John, check the modulator, you can swap from the other PG car if the line is full of fluid.  In my experience a PG will run on level ground shockingly low on fluid, (dry dipstick when hot) DAHIK. There is a steep knoll around the corner from my house, If I was low on fluid, it will slip here EVERY time, gradual hills it seemed fine.  No longer a problem after replacing dented, leaky original pan.  If modulator line is clear, let engine run until up to temp (both doors open) and check fluid level, if OK, drop pan clean screen, if low, fill to full but not over and drive, if not shifting well, like Matt says, clean screen.

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