<VV> Hoaxsters at CORSA classifieds

Blaine Sanders utvairs at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 1 19:16:34 EST 2007

Most definitely a hoax.  If you ever place an ad on craigslist, you'll get about a dozen of the same sort of response.  My reply to them (if I even bother) is, "Yeah, my bottom line price is US $2.5 million, and I can't cash a check that large at my bank, so it'll have to be cash.  Sorry for the inconvenience."

They're either after your personal information or to write you a bad check.


>"Hello , 
>My client just place a look on your item and i he is interested in
 immediate purchase of this item,but before >he can proceed on this
 transaction, she asked me to ask you some question as follow .1.Do you accept a
 ( >Cashier Check / Money Order )as a mode of payment.2.What is the final
 asking prize you can 

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