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Mikeamauro at aol.com Mikeamauro at aol.com
Sat Dec 1 20:41:30 EST 2007

"... I check the ATF and the dip stick has nothing on  
it!!   There is no fluid under the car on the ground.  I added  about 1 pint  
and I seem to have forward, but still no reverse, and I have  to back  it up 
to move it.  So, does this make any sense?  Can  the  tranny be that low on 
fluid and still have seemed OK?  I'm   thinking of just adding ATF unitl I 
the level on the  dipstick.   Is this safe or do I risk overfilling?..."


???? I agree with John, check the modulator, you can swap  from the other PG 
car if the line is full of fluid.?..."
While it has not happened with one my Vairs (one of the few things that  
hasn't), I believe a failed pinion shaft seal will allow transmission fluid to  
enter the differential. Check the differential; it may now be overfilled, and  
contaminated with ATF. If you keep adding ATF, and see no leaks, and the  
modulator is good, the ATF HAS to be going somewhere. 
Mike Mauro

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