<VV> Diff Still Blowing Lube Out Vent

Dan & Synde dsjkling at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 2 13:17:48 EST 2007

 Hi Mike,

That is really odd, I'd have to say.  I have an early cover on our
Greenbrier with a 3.89 diff.  Gears are turning at least as fast at 65 mph
than your 3.27 is at 75-85 mph.  I get a slight amount of seapage,  but no
puddles, just enough to attract dirt.  Our Ultravan has a 4.11 but I've only
had it up to around 60 mph.  We had a problem with gear lube getting pumped
out of the vent but that was my fault.  I went with a custom vent design  on
the Ultravan that someone else in the Ultravan club used.  Didn't work for
me, it actually didn't work at all.  Just taking it a mile down the road and
back at highway speeds was enough to loose a 1/4 cup out the breather !!
You can see the vent design that didn't work by looking at my Flicker pics
in the link below my sig line.  I ended up sawing off the part of the
breather that extended down into the differential and welded a baffle over
the open hole.  Problem completely solved.

I'd have to say that your problem has me stumped!!

Dan Kling

1961 Greenbrier Deluxe, 4spd, 3.89  On the Road Again,  yeehaw :)
1963 Spyder, restored   4spd Saginaw
1967 Ultravan #299  Newest of the herd!! Almost killed me already!!

A few pictures of the Greenbrier, UltraVan, engine and tranny tear down with
more to come!

 Mike said

 > Mine is the newer design: driver's front.

> After a hard highway run, there is gear lube pooled on top of the cover;
the leakage is definitely coming from the vent.

> Any other ideas?

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