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Craig Nicol nicolcs at aol.com
Sun Dec 2 20:02:16 EST 2007

Here's a disappointing little story.  Back in the '70's I worked at a
Chevrolet dealership.  Protect-o-plates were made up by the dealer,
naturally, since only the dealer would know the selling date and the name of
the purchaser.  Remember "Dymo" label makers?  Each  dealership had a
special one with a reverse image "print" wheel and this created the stick-on
plastic tape with raised (reverse) lettering that's needed for the
protecto-plate information.  

By the mid 70's the label maker was no longer needed and I thought it looked
really cool - it's polished aluminum rather than plastic.  I asked and my
boss let me take it home.  It wouldn't advance tape anymore so I sent it to
Dymo to get it repaired and at the same time I got a "regular" print wheel. 

I still have the label maker but the reverse wheel is long gone. I
specifically remember thinking that I would never in a million years have a
use for reverse printing... oh well.
Craig Nicol

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