<VV> Swapping Monza to 180 Turbo

Craig Nicol nicolcs at aol.com
Sun Dec 2 22:10:35 EST 2007

Anyone have a starting-block list of what I may be facing switching a Monza,
standard shift to a 180 Turbo?  Gleaned some info from Clark's but does
anyone have some hand-on advice? (like don't bother) I'd appreciate a
short-list of what I may need other than drivetrain/powertrain.  Thanks in

Chris Ives
65 Monza Vert 110 3-Spd

Your best bet is to locate a complete 180 turbo engine, rebuild if needed,
and swap it in.  All you will have to do the car is to cut-out the rear body
corner for the tailpipe and add a return line to the fuel tank neck. 

Putting a turbo on your existing engine isn't advisable technically and
trying to round up the required pieces (even just the ones on top) would
far, far exceed the price of a complete engine.  

You should be able to purchase the engine or a complete car (junker) with
the engine for half of what the pieces would cost.  I just recently put a
partially complete 180 engine together and what I had to spend for the 20%
missing parts exceeded the cost of complete engines that I've seen in the

Good advice!
Craig Nicol
65 180/4 Corsa Vert. and three others, all 140

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