<VV> Are strut rods interchangeable.

HallGrenn at aol.com HallGrenn at aol.com
Mon Dec 3 10:15:44 EST 2007

The misalignment is normal due to the twisting of the expanded spring on the 
rest of the suspension..  You'll get lots of good advice to your question.  
Here's mine based on decades of single handed work.  Loosely start the bolts 
that go in easily and then put a jack with a block of wood at the top on the 
outside (tire end) of the rod/suspension assembly and slowly jack up the wheel end 
until all the holes align.  Though lots of guys have done it, resist the 
temptation to "pull" the parts together with the bolt(s).  If you have a drift or 
a large phillips screwdriver you had also use them in an adjacent hole to help 
align the holes that don't line up, but use care that you don't damage the 
threads.  We're talking suspension here.

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