<VV> Update on Rampside

Keith Hammett keith.hammett at stainlessfab.com
Mon Dec 3 09:50:50 EST 2007

I would like to take this post and first thank everyone who over the
years has contributed to getting my rampside on the road.  The list is
long so I won't list everyone here, besides you know who you are.  A few
special people do deserve mention so here it goes:


Bob Helt - thanks for writing your books and tech tips.  My only tip to
someone starting out in corvairs is to by two copies of your books, one
for nice and one that will get dirty...


Corsa - thank you for the tech tips manual (and all that have
contributed to it over the years), Virtual Vairs, Corsa, and the
sponsored events that you hold.


Lastly the Corvair Vendors - without you the parts availability would
not be there to support the cars...


Now to let you know what happened on the Rampside.  I decided (after
driving one at a Texas Corvair event) that I had to have a Rampside.
Soon after one came up for sale in my area, a little rough but could be
saved, so I purchased it.  Once I got it home I cleaned it up and made
my list of things that would need to be done.  The engine needed to be
rebuilt, I decided that I would go with a LM 110 hp engine and do the
rebuilding myself (never done but I could learn).  I received a tip that
the FC dipstick tube could be put on a car block with just a little
drilling, I did this (thanks Tim).  Once the engine was done and back
in, I started having problems!  The first stumbling block was a
backfire, a lot of folks thought that it was timing, improper valve
adjustment, or vacuum leaks; it turned out to be problems with the
carbs.  Sent them to off and had them worked over, this stopped the
backfire.  The engine was still not running right, this time I decided
to take it some where and get it running.  A trip to Oklahoma and
several hours got it running right.  A bad coil, points plate and points
were found.  New plugs were put in, carbs were synched and valves were
adjusted.  At last the Rampside runs and can be taken out of Group Red
(thanks Norm for the inspiration to get it done).  Again thanks everyone
who has helped on this.


There is still a few things that need to be done before it can be
inspected and put on the road, these are all minor things (like turn
signals).  I am waiting (for a year now!) to receive parts for the
heater (a must in Missouri).  


Keith Hammett

'62 Rampside (finally out of Group Red)

'65 Monzavert (Group Red)





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