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Bare in  mind, if this adjustment bolt hasn't been moved in the recent past, 
it'll  probably snap off.
This is often caused (the neg.camber) by rotten sway bar  bushings, 
especially that the transaxle end.

harry  yarnell

You know those Cadillac drivers! <grin> What Harry was trying to say  was: 
bear in mind, the adjustment bolt, especially in Eastern and Northern cars,  is 
prone to "Rusting in Place" and may snap off or, at least, be so deformed or  
lacking in the partial threads it originally had, that you are likely to have 
to  replace it, the nut and maybe the crazy washer, in order to successfully 
adjust  the camber. There are no rear sway bar bushings on a stock Corvair, (no 
rear  sway bar, either) I think Harry was referring to the rubber inserts in 
the lower  control arms -the sideways arms that connect the trailing arms to 
the  differential. They can be attacked by fluids. The ones just to the  sides 
of the differential are often semi-dissolved from a combination of engine  
oil, diff lube, and - in automatics - ATF. They can resemble black chewing gum.  
When in bad shape, the inner tube liner often moves sideways (relatively  
speaking) under the standing suspension load, causing additional negative  camber. 
You might be able to adjust it out, but if the bushing is in bad shape,  it 
is time for a replacement. If the springs are sagging, it will also  affect 
camber. Check the specs and replace them or go racing! Your choice! -  Seth 

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