<VV> "Racing" WTBRT style

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Mon Dec 3 16:38:34 EST 2007

And that is pretty cool!

Chuck "Mr. Nice Guy" S

From: "Louis Armer" <carmerjr at mindspring.com>
Subject: <VV> "Racing" WTBRT style

> When our "grassroots" project was in it's initial "budget" stage, The 
> BEEF team hand selected the very
> best 40 year old strut rods and bushings, installed them on our 
> 95,000 mile +/- drivetrain and went racing !!! <GGG>
> Since August of 2003, Scott Trunkhill and I have raced and slowly 
> improved WTBRT #112 into a very enjoyable ride.
> I still miss the leaning suspension, the smell of burnt oil, and the 
> various unidentifiable squeaks and groans from our
> "old" #112, but we sure do have fun with the NewBeef mobile and our 
> complete budget still remains under $4,500 for
> both the OldBeef and the NewBeef racer. We have had over 500 runs in 
> the cars and look forward to another 500 without
> any mechanical failures!!!<GGG>

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