<VV> "Racing" WTBRT style / rear camber

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Mon Dec 3 16:44:58 EST 2007

BUT you folks recieve FULL? Sponsorship from DeckRug Enterprises!!!

It's really not fair to compare yourself to other teams in CORSA..... you and Scott have a definite "unfair advantage"....and seem to utilize it nicely!!! [ DR? corporate policy!!!!]

I'm sure others are out there right now wondering, " what can we do to get MR DECKRUG? to? like us too!"?? GGGGGG

Let them eat CAKE!!!

Matt Nall
Web= http://tinyurl.com/3ds7d

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From: Louis Armer carmerjr at mindspring.com

When our "grassroots" project was in it's initial "budget" stage, The BEEF team hand selected the very?
best 40 year old strut rods and bushings, installed them on our 95,000 mile +/- drivetrain and went racing !!! <GGG>?
Since August of 2003, Scott Trunkhill and I have raced and slowly improved WTBRT #112 into a very enjoyable ride.?
I still miss the leaning suspension, the smell of burnt oil, and the various unidentifiable squeaks and groans from our?
"old" #112, but we sure do have fun with the NewBeef mobile and our complete budget still remains under $4,500 for?
both the OldBeef and the NewBeef racer. We have had over 500 runs in the cars and look forward to another 500 without?
any mechanical failures!!!<GGG>?

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