<VV> "Racing" WTBRT style / rear camber

BBRT chsadek at comcast.net
Mon Dec 3 17:37:11 EST 2007

Yeah, Matt, it is an absolute wonder they are able to run at all with FULL 
Deck Rug sponsorship.. I might venture to guess they do well IN SPITE OF 
Deck Rug "sponsorship".... LOL!

Chuck S

From: <allvair at allvair.com>

Subject: Re: <VV> "Racing" WTBRT style / rear camber

> BUT you folks recieve FULL? Sponsorship from DeckRug Enterprises!!!
> It's really not fair to compare yourself to other teams in CORSA..... you 
> and Scott have a definite "unfair advantage"....and seem to utilize it 
> nicely!!! [ DR? corporate policy!!!!]
> I'm sure others are out there right now wondering, " what can we do to get 
> MR DECKRUG? to? like us too!"?? GGGGGG
> Let them eat CAKE!!!
> Matt Nall

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