<VV> Seat Belts (3 point) Installation (LM sedan)

Dale Dewald dkdewald at pasty.net
Mon Dec 3 23:07:02 EST 2007

At 14:59 12/3/07 -0500, Mark Clarke wrote:

>"I am going to put 3 point seat belts in my 65 Sedan, but I have spent
>several hours trying to decide how I'm going to mount a bracket since there
>is no door post in the center.

It helps to study other vehicles that do not have substantial or properly 
placed pillars to get ideas for mounting methods and accessory hardware.  I 
did this installation in our '65 sedan back in 1987 using an aftermarket 
universal fit retractor system (the same type system available today from 
JCW).  It became evident that the upper mount would have to attach to the 
roof just aft of the front seat, but this would be too close and high to 
allow for proper belt placement on the passengers' shoulder.  The solution 
is to use an upper mounting point extension--often found in passenger 
vans.  (I obtained a set from a 1980 4-door Chevette and had an upholstery 
shop modify the belts to fit them in.  I would suggest looking at Chrysler 
or GM Astro minivans for the hardware--Chevettes are not too common at 
salvage yards any more)

>   My question would be: Are there any web
>sites where anyone might have pictures showing how they did this to the roof
>of 1) a sedan,

To my knowledge, no.  I did take pictures of my original installation.  I 
have the B&W prints.  It will be a few weeks before I can scan and send 
them to you.

>  and 2) a coupe.

I believe these pictures are available somewhere.

>   As you know, there is a double area of metal
>that I might weld the bracket to - probably just to the rear of the light
>wire since the seat back will be slightly to the rear of the 'half' door
>post, and the belt needs to be behind that.  It shouldn't hinder the rear
>seat passenger."

I mounted the retractor at the base of the "B" door post (check for 
clearance with the seat) and ran the belt up along the seat to the upper 
mount extension which hangs about in line with the weatherstrip between the 
door windows.  When done, it is a neat and unobtrusive installation.

Dale Dewald
Hancock, MI

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