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Joel: I also have the issue of C&SC you refer to.  I know nothing about the
car pictured.  I do not know if it is the same car.  The color scheme is
different.  The Corvair that I refer to is yellow, maybe chartreuse, and
blue.  The car in the C&SC is white with red & blue.

The Goodwood car's team's website has no Corvair info.  The car was entered
by them, but is apparently owned by someone else.  The team runs everything
from (if think) a mid to late 50's Austin sedan that beats Jags sedans with
their 3.4/3.8L engines to the Mini-Jem to a Cobra and a GT40.

If we hear or find out anything else, we'll let you know.

Historically Yours,
			James Rice

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Any chance it's the same racer as this one?


How about sharing their website address?


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All:  During the past year there's been a couple photos and small blurbs in
English car magazines about a Corvair being raced in England in one of their
sedan series.  Nothing to breath deeply about.  I haven't been able to track
them down via my contacts over there.

However, the November issue of Thoroughbred & Classic cars out on England
has some information.  Seems the 'Vair was entered in the 10th Goodwood
Revival last summer. They became a DNS due to burning two pistons on their
turbo engine.  The Goodwood Revival is one of the biggest vintage races in
the world.  A major hoot to me is they had Hurley Haywood lined up to drive
it.  Haywood is a multi-time winner at LeMans and many other places in
Porsches!  His recorded comment about the car was: "Handles OK, but I didn't
really get it going."  The story also covers various other parts of the
writer's adventure, including driving a Mini Jem.  About a third of the 6
pages is text or photos of the 'Vair.  There's also a good pic of it on 26.
Looks like it has a large front anti-sway bar.  Since the article has the
teams URL , I've sent them a e-mail suggesting they join CORSA and referring
them to Warren LeVeque as a good source of info, especially on racing a
turbo Corvair.  I don't know if they have - or will - contact him or CORSA.

Also, the current issue of CORVETTE MAGAZINE has a three pages on Larry
Shinoda and the Monza GT/SS cars as part of the 'Vette legacy.

Around here, both magazines are available at the BigBoxBookstores.  I bought
the T&CC but not the 'vette magazine, as it adds nothing to my knowledge or
photo archives.

Historically Yours,
			James Rice
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