<VV> RE: Oil Pressure senders

Del Patten vairbear at msn.com
Wed Dec 5 15:00:40 EST 2007

> > The PS-15 and PS-15X come from Standard Ignition parts. They were stock > items on FLAPS shelves for years. It is best to buy from our vendors, > but when the switch is squirting you in the eye, going to the FLAPS is > quicker....> > I used the PS-15X because the blue insulator matched the blue > distributor cap. DR-438X.> > http://www.standardbrand.com/web_app/catalog/smp_bgbulk.aspx> > Frank DuVal>   I see your point Frank, but those blue caps and insulators would clash with my purple interior!!  HAHAHA!!  Don't say it Dennis!!
  Del Patten...CNM,CVCC

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