<VV> Paint opinions

Tony tony.underwood at cox.net
Wed Dec 5 15:12:59 EST 2007

At 12:51 PM 12/5/2007, Harry  Yarnell wrote:
>Lacquer is easy to apply, however you need more coats (than enamel 
>or urethane), and requires more work to bring out the luster; unless 
>you want to settle with a 'flat' finish. Lacquer also doesn't hold up well.
>I've painted many a different paint system over the years, and my 
>choice today is one of the urethane base coat/ clear coats.

Lacquer basecoat...  wet sand only, no buffing so as to provide 
tooth, then finish with urethane clear coat, best of both 
worlds.   That's the way to get lacquer to hold up.

...if lacquer wasn't getting to be so damned expensive 
anymore.    450 bucks for name brand roman red lacquer!?    It wasn't 
that long ago that the same gallon cost 44 bucks.

Other colors aren't as bad... Hell, I can still buy Ditzler black 
lacquer at the local "big" parts store for 60 bucks a gallon, but if 
anything gets painted red again (after I use up the rest of the red I 
have stashed, got a gallon and two quarts left) it's gonna be 
urethanes and masks.   Lacquer is getting hard to find and the 
popular colors aren't cheap anymore.   Bums me out.   I like 
lacquer.   It's easy to work with, flexible, forgiving, and it won't 
kill you.

But the urethanes are getting closer and closer to being the 
alternative anymore.


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