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I'm a garage painter.  I've painted a car every 5 years or so for the last
40 years.  That doesn't make me an expert painter, but it does make me an
expert on painting with little experience and rusty technique.  ;-)  Biggest
problem for an occasional painter is staying in the sweet spot between
orange peel and runs.

Lacquer - Don't.  It doesn't hold up well.  It's easy to paint, but hard to
paint smoothly, so you end up sanding and buffing forever.

Classic Enamel - Don't.  Either rough or running - too little sweet spot.
Hard to fix problems later.  Dries slow - bug magnet.

Acrylic Enamel - Haven't tried it.  Watched my father screw up a Piper
Comanche beyond reasonable repair with it.

Base Coat / Clear Coat Urethane - Great stuff.  Base goes on easily like
lacquer.  Clear is much like enamel, but can be fixed easily.  Get a fast
clear.  You can probably get a good "ten foot paintjob" without color
sanding and buffing.  If you're picky, you can sand and buff.  This stuff is
indestructible.  I never wax my cars and they look as good as they did when
I painted them.  Bet it's more cone proof than the other paints.

My last job can be seen at www.rbgault.com


PS:  Yeah, the Urethanes are carcinogenic (well, actually they all are, but
Urethane is worse).  Frankly, I paint with an organic vapor mask in a well
ventilated garage, or once completely outside.  If you're not that
adventurous, buy a used respirator suit off e-bay (<$400) and sell it back
when you get through.

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> I'm working toward painting my car early next year. I'm looking for some
opinions on the type of paint I should use, lacquer versus enamel. My car is
an autocrosser/driver more than show car, but I still want it to look good.
I'm currently leaning toward a lacquer.
> Thanks,
> Ned
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