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Craig Nicol nicolcs at aol.com
Wed Dec 5 23:38:30 EST 2007

Like many others on this list, I've painted many rigs using all kinds of
paint.  I've landed on urethane base coat / clear coat.  This process
divides the application of color and metallic from the application of clear.
The base color goes on exactly like lacquer.  It's fast and all you have to
do is to get it on the car. You don't have to worry about gloss, just
hiding. Once that's down (it dries very fast)you come back with the clear in
about an hour.  Since the color is down all you need to worry about is
gloss.  The first couple of clear coats aren't full wet but the last one is

If you like what you sprayed, you're done.  If you don't you can sand to
flat and buff it out. One of the little tricks I do is to select a reducer
that's for a slightly hotter temperature for the last clear coat (or mix the
correct with the hotter temp). This prolongs the wet time and really lets
things "flow out".  I've had good luck and sometimes I don't have to buff at

If you don't have access to a fresh air system, paint outdoors early or late
in the day. BTW, the cyanoacrylates (sp?) whatever, the nasty stuff in the
urethanes causes "sudden respiratory arrest" AFIK. This is not good - what
it means is that you can't breathe; suddenly and without warning. Not
something to mess with so paint outdoors or with a fresh air system.

I prefer PPG Omni only because it's half the cost of Deltron.
Craig Nicol

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