<VV> Oversteer

Lonny Clark lclarkpdx at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 20:02:45 EST 2007

You should have lowered the fronts to 18 too, then pumped up the backs when
you got to the station :)

I've had a Corvair oversteer really bad. Back in the late '70s, I was 16
years old, going about double the recommended speed on a switchback gravel
road that hugged the side of a mountain. The road was barely wide enough to
fit two cars on it side-by-side. I was using the whole road in a rhythm,
left, right, left, right, etc., when all of a sudden: ONCOMING CAR!!!! I was
in the middle of a left-hand turn, I cut the wheel right to get the car onto
the outside part of the road and around the oncoming car, and when I cut it
back left, it just kept on going. I saved it form spinning or going off the
edge on the right, but I really don't know how. I don't even know how the
other driver reacted to it, he was already past when all the drama occurred.

Man, those were the days :)


On Dec 7, 2007 2:05 PM, Roger Gault <r.gault at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> I've had a '66 oversteer violently.  I was driving to the gas station to
> adjust my tire pressures after rotating the tires.  I wonder if it could
> have been related to having 32psi in the front and 18psi in the back?  LOL
> Roger

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