<VV> Gas Tank Removal

Smitty Smith vairologist at verizon.net
Fri Dec 7 12:04:46 EST 2007

Smitty Says:   Your typical "Corvair owner" way of tank removal reminded me of one time when I was painting.  It was winter and I was using one of those Reddy kero heaters to warm the garage.  The kind of heater that belches a foot of flame out the front when it lights off.  It got up to the 75 degree shutoff.  It was on a thermostat.  I fired up the paint gun and was laying paint down like no tomorrow.  About the time the paint in the air got so thick it was hard to see, I remembered I had not turned the thermostat on the heater down.  It could have lit off at any second.  After throwing down the paint gun and barking my shins on things in the way, I didn't even reach for the thermostat knob, but ripped the cord out of the wall receptical.  I have painted many gallons of paint since then but never even came close to forgetting the heater again.  Some things leave a lasting impression. 

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