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Sat Dec 8 06:41:37 EST 2007

Hey guys and gals,
A little over three years ago, just a few months after I first broke my leg, 
we received the news that my aunt had cancer... she, being the hardheaded 
German-Irish spinster that she was, had long noticed the lumps in her breast and 
side and neck, but refused to see a doctor, instead thinking that they would 
"go away" on their own... by the time the Drs. saw her she was in stage 4, and 
they were amazed that she'd gone that long without seeing a doctor (I told you 
she was hard headed)... one even commented to me that the only place he's seen 
such growth was in the old textbooks from the turn of the last century... a 
dubious distinction, to say the least.
Well, she was doing great until this summer... something happened that made 
the cancer turn severely aggressive... even though they'd removed her left 
breast, and she'd had chemo & radiation treatment this entire time, it managed to 
spread throughout her stomach, liver, and up the spinal column... seven weeks 
ago the Doctor gave her "less than 6 weeks" to live... she's no longer in 
pain, she passed away this morning at 5:00 am, at the age of 69.
Now, I may be wrong, but I believe if she'd seen a Doctor at the first sign 
of something growing where it shouldn't be, she'd be with us still and in far 
better health than she's been these last three years... I know a majority of 
the members on this list are age 50 or older, but PLEASE tell your loved ones to 
have their yearly checkups... and this stuff can hit at any age... a friend 
of mine lost his mother to breast cancer when she was 35, and a girlfriend back 
in high school lost her mom when we were in our senior year... she couldn't 
have been more than 40.
Anyway, I've rambled long enough... thanks to those who offered up prayers of 
healing on her behalf over the last three years... now the family needs those 
prayers, too...
Dolly Juanita Frick 
20 April 1938~08 December 2007
Take care, and God bless...

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