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Pennzoil  high mileage to be the only one on the shelf that says on the label 
"meets or  exceeds requirements of SH and SJ" Would this still have the 
additives in it  that makes it ok to use with flat bottom lifters or had the zinc, 
etc. already  been removed for SH like they have been in today's  SM?

Hi Dan,
Words on the label don't mean a lot. It's what that is in the donut   that is 
important. If the donut says "Energy Conserving" then you don't want it  for 
your Corvair. If the Donut has only SM in the donut, then it should be Ok.  if 
the donut has only SLor SJ  it should be OK. If the donut has only SH,  this 
would be better. If the donut has two Sx's like SL/SJ it also should be  
Bob Helt

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