<VV> Gone -- OT

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 8 17:44:12 EST 2007

Okay, it's off topic --

Blessings and our prayers to your family, Lon.

I would agree with Lon's advice to not ignore potential cancer symptoms 
out of fear or ignorance, regardless of your age  -- cancer treatment 
protocols have made significant advances in recent years, and cancers 
can strike any one of any age.  We have been very glad to have our 
daughter's "bone mass", which took several months to find (typical - 
they were looking for a nerve problem), turn out to be a B-cell 
lymphoma. The doctors not only use the word "treatable" but with current 
treatments (R-CHOP -- google it) they call it "curable".  Needless to 
say, we were ecstatic with use of that word -- Whoopee!  And the chemo 
seems to be doing just what they said it would, even though chemo itself 
is not such a great experience.  So don't delay, hide in the closet, or 
"tough it out" -- go see the doctor! It might not be as bad a news as is 

God Bless, Lon.


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