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Sun Dec 9 16:20:58 EST 2007

if you have a gas heater that has been sitting around a long time , i would  
strongly recommend putting a clark's repro burner kit in it. i stress repro  
because the critical parts are rubber , and the gas shut off gizzy that goes  
behind the nozzle has a small  rubber tip.  it hardens up and  leaks.  when 
your gas heater does not shut off the gas supply things get  rather exciting!   
ask me how i know.  it took me a while to  figure out the n.o.s. kits i had 
were just as bad (very old stock) as the part i  replaced. the parts other than 
that rubber tip shut off plunger are fine to  use.  always replace that tiny 
hidden screen under the fuel inlet fitting  (oh what fun)on the burner also.  
after they are rebuilt a gas heater is  thee way to go , no engine room smells , 
instant super heat , enough to warm you  in a convert with the top down in a 
things i am thinking about adding to my console someday , include a mini  gas 
pressure gauge reading at the heater inlet, and a neon bulb with a lead to  
the spark plug. on an fc theses parts are nice and close to the dash.
regards, happy holidays, tim colson

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