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I am not  sure why but most drivers are most comfortable in a car that  
under-steers.  The closer to neutral the car becomes the more  uncomfortable the 
driver will become.  Hardly anyone this side of an  experienced race car driver 
will be comfortable with even a neutral car.   The point is most will feel a 
car is over-steering long before it gets to even  a neutral feeling.  I don't 
think anyone would want a car with a high  degree of over-steering in the 'set 

Ken - Good writing. Indeed Oversteer is something to be provoked on demand  - 
or not. Or tamed if arisen. But certainly not something that a "racer"  would 
desire to be present at all times. However - The "Drifting"  phenomenon 
requires it. (I think of drifting in the same league as figure  skating.) You 
noting the "uncomfortable feeling" of oversteer reminds me of teh  best definition 
of oversteer and understeer. Oversteer is when the passenger is  scared, 
understeer is when the driver is scared. (As in - "will this car ever  turn?")  
Personally, I prefer a car with slight understeer, transitioning  to Neutral near 
the limit. As long as you have the power and tires to push to,  and past 
<grin>, that limit, it will be a fun drive!  - Seth  Emerson 

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