<VV> Flywheel bolts

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Wed Dec 12 07:43:00 EST 2007

And people wonder why I keep the cans of bolts from Corvairs.....

Every crushed Corvair with drivetrain installed had a set of these in 
either the long flywheel version or the shorter PG flex plate version.

Parts for a 60's car on the shelf in 2007? That is like finding parts 
for a 20's car on the shelf in the 60's. Not many shelves had them.

Frank DuVal

Robyn Wood wrote:

> BTW, did a lot of searching the local
>nut/bolt/fastener companies and all of them turned up as "not carried", a
>couple of them could make some for me (in 100 unit qty's), and even the big
>GM parts house here said they could order them in for about $6 each.  Just
>seemed like a weird thing, that a bolt used on a '60 eras car could not be
>found on the shelf.
>Guess I will be careful with the next can of rusty bolts I come across.....

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