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    A snap switch is just like a light switch in that  it has two positions - 
on or off.  When the engine temp reaches a high  value, the switch turns on 
and illuminates a red light on the dash that tells  you your Corvair engine is 
overheated (but not how much).  The thermistor,  in contrast, is a variable 
resistance (varies with temp) so it can display a  variable temp on the temp 
gauge letting you know just what the engine temp is  and if it is too high or too 
low (from thermostats being bad, for  instance).   Generally, the high 
performance Corvairs (140, 150 and  180 hp engines) came with thermistors and temp 
gauges on the dash.  At one  time Stewart Warner made an aftermarket temp gauge 
and sender that you could add  to any Corvair.
    In my opinion EVERY car engine should  have a temp gauge.
    Frank "likes gauges" Burkhard
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Um,  okay, newbie question- what is a snap-switch?

CJ  Wilson

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