<VV> Specials anybody

Lon Wall corvairs at pacifier.com
Wed Dec 12 17:51:40 EST 2007

       This sounds like a loaded question....... Corvair Underground is 
doing the following -

1) Order online or fax and take 5% off any size order. (Phone orders 
will not qualify for this discount) This offer WILL expire at the end of 
the year.
2)  If you are a member of National CORSA take 5% off regardless of size 
of order or how placed - This will ALSO expire at the end of the year
3)  Place an order in ANY manner over $1000.00 at one time and take 5% 
off. Over $2000.00 take 7 1/2% off. This has been our regular "dollar 
discount" policy for the past 11 years.

MAXIMUM combinations of discounts cannot exceed 15%. Note that there are 
a limted number of items not eligible for some discounts (ie - stuff we 
don't have any markup on!) - but we will let you know when you order. 
Also PLEASE understand that discounts will apply to CURRENT prices - not 
old prices ( :-) )

Most orders still go out the same day placed but if the order is very 
large and/or requires shop time then there may be delays. Please be 
clear as to your necessary time frame when ordering.

Thanks for all the orders in the past!  Lon Wall

Sign up for for the E-News. Just visit our website. New E news will be 
coming out this weekend.

Chris C wrote:

> Has anybody heard of our vendors having year end inventory specials.  
> I have made my list and checked it twice.  Want to order early enough 
> that I can send a check.  Really hate to give the credit card 
> companies any money.  I trust the vendors enough to send a check.

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